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SG Berlin is a women's floorball team. They originate from the Berlin based clubs Berliner Turnerschaft and Berlin Rockets and form the team together. A long term goal is to etablish women's floorball in Berlin in such a way, so that each club can put up its own team. However, until then its still some steps to take.

We are constantly looking for new players, all ages and with or without having played before. If you are interested in this fast team sport, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are looking forward to play with you!



In order to promote women's floorball in Berlin, somewhen around the 2009/10 the women's teams of the two clubs Berliner Turnerschaft and SG BA Tempelhof decided to train and play together. SG Berlin was born. At first, they played the so called Pokal, where about 6-8 teams from Munich to Bonn took part. Besides, SG Berlin tried their luck in the regional men's league, which turned out not to be the preferred solution.

Until season 2013/14, SG Berlin has played in Germany's newly established highest women's league, 1. Floorball Bundesliga (1.FBL), in the eastern division. Opponents were MFBC Grimma, UHC Sparkasse Weißenfels and SG Chemnitz/Heidenau. Later on SG Berlin took part in the big field league in the Northern division or in the Eastern Division.

In season 2012/13 SG Berlin decided to take part in the regional small field competition in the SBK Ost, which included teams from Thüringen, Saxony, and Saxony-Anhalt. This turns out to be a good way to gain some practice and play against other women's teams, even though driving efforts are comparably high.

In 2013/14, SG Berlin also sent their first youth team, a U13 girl's team, to play in the SBK Ost. Since then, the goal is to send at least one girl's team to play the eastern youth league or in the youth leagues of Floorball Berlin-Brandenburg (FVBB).